Beast Mauls Traveler, Hunt Renews With Vigor

Corpse_001 The body of a traveler was discovered at the foot of East River International Airport next to bloody tracks that Pippen residents are all too familiar with. “It’s terrifying,” said one shop owner as she closed a full register at a nearby store. “Great for business, bad for sleeping. That Beast is howling all night. And now another victim…” The victim, who has yet to be identified was believed to have been traveling on one of the redeyes from the airport, and was not noticed because of the late hour. Law enforcement patrolling the new access road discovered the remains and another hunt was organized. “The WBA is offering a 1000 Linden award for its destruction,” said WBA President Sketch Sun, “we have lived with this menace too long!” Catfiel Police and scientists now believe that catnip may be the reason for the increase of attacks, as East River Police have escalated their raids and burning of the illicit plant. “The beast must have sensitive olfactory senses to have eluded us for so long,” said a Waterbank University professor working with Animal Control, “and the catnip burning could be aggravating it.”


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