Catnip Captured Coincidentally – Frenzied Felines Funneled on Farm

This story is reported by Feral News:


While on patrol in the East River Federal officers stumbled upon a catnip farm. The owner of this farm could not be ascertained, and was not captured. Catnip is considered by many law enforcement to be the new sand – a high price crop that is grown outside the law.

The crop was airlifted out of the area and burned in a vacant lot beside the East River Municipal Airport (ERMA). Officers, when asked, commented “We are happy that we found this illicit substance farm and have dealt with it accordingly. Given the high number of feline’s prowling the ERC it is very important that substance’s used to alter perception are dealt with in a hasty manner.”

The amount of catnip confiscated had an estimated street value of well over 120,000 L$ This was a rather large win for the Federal Police forces in their war on catnip.


ERC officials were unavailable for extended comments stating only “We take this very seriously and have relocated resources to deal with it” Of course the meaning of this comment could go either way. With the population of feline’s in the area one may only surmise that it was in regard to the catnip being confiscated and that more of the plants had been planted elsewhere in the ERC.


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