Body Washes Up in East River, ID Surprises

The body of a man was discovered floating at the edge of the East River, downstream from Pippen. Found by a local fisherperson, the body was disfigured by the water, yet recognizable.

“It were Sketch Sun,” said the fisherperson, an aging woman who knew the waters well, “I’m sure of it.”

The Sheriff’s Department responded to the call and began an investigation into what was later identified as the body of Sketch Sun. “At the time we were more concerned about how he had been attacked than who the victim was. The bite marks on his torso were identical to those left by the beast.”

The body was sent to Waterbank Police for identification and forensic investigation, and was identified through DNA testing to be Sketch Sun.

“You could imagine my surprise,” said Sketch Sun, President of the WBA, “when they called me to tell me I’m dead.”

Police are investigating the body, and a new search has begun for the beast along the riverbanks of the East River.


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