Smuggler Spotted at Sunny Fields


The sand trade smuggler that has so skillfully eluded law enforcement and more recently a citizen’s arrest has been spotted in the one place where sand is plentiful. Seen here at Sunny Fields (link at right), the home of TBM and auto maker Aikoto, the smuggler appears to be in awe of the sheer volume of sand.

“We had no idea who he was,” said the Sunny Fields Sheriff hours later, “just another stranger. We get lots of strangers here, as you can imagine. Defense types, scientists, you name it. The new Cayman’s been bringing them in, so we didn’t look twice at him.”

The Sheriff was referring to LSI’s Cayman fighter (link), a cutting edge design that is thought to be the working link between jets and advanced space fighters.

“I’ll tell you something now,” the Sheriff continued, “nobody’s taking our sand. We’ve got a sensitive eco-climate out there, and I’m not having some Blake Sea water weasel upset the home of one our desert critters.”

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