Bandit Boats Steals Limelight – Again

Dutchferry Visible from the left at Dutch Harbor (link right), the Columbia Ferry, the Bandit 60, the Bandit 55, and the Bandit 470.

Bandit Boats, already a household name in boating communities, has once again stolen the limelight as rumors about the new Bandit 55 and other projects spread around boat houses and dockyards.

“The Bandit 55’s been seen on the water,” one VCG officer told us, “and she’s looking gorgeous. A sailor’s dream with a diesel.”

Speculation about power boats has reached a fever pitch in some places. In a Tradewinds Yacht Club lounge, we talked to several people.

“I heard they’re building a 1070 Class – a boat as big as a freighter with waterbeds!” Said one excited boater we found at Tradewinds.

“That’s ridiculous,” said another. “Bandit Boats might build a luxury powerboat, but I don’t think they’d build a megayacht.”

The rumors have been saying everything from old sailing ships to megaboats are under construction, but insiders know that it’s hard to say.

“We may see a jump up from the 570 with a 670, or even a 770,” said a boating club member with ties to the company, “but I doubt we’d see anything bigger than that in the powerboat class. Sailing boats… the new 55 looks like it will have more features than anything we’ve seen before. We could see a 70 one day, but most people like a cozier sailing experience. Hard to say, really. Whatever’s coming, it’ll be good. That much we know.”


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