Illicit Trade Uncovered – Full Scope Unknown

WaterbankSand The Sheriff’s Department halts a shipment traveling through Waterbank.

The Sheriff’s Department has been tracking unusual shipments since the arrest of a bush pilot on Mowry Road and now believes it has “the tip of the iceberg of a big conspiracy.”

The sheriff told a reporter at Waterbank News how it works. “Those small beautiful islands in places like the Blake Sea rely on shipments from the mainland – food, water, you name it. But nothing is more valuable than sand, which keeps the tourists and the Linden dollars coming. We now believe that the sand trade in those areas has become criminalized, with ‘sand dealers’ killing off competitors or sinking their ships. If you want sand for your little piece of paradise, you better pay.”

So where is all this sand coming from? It’s coming from the mainland, and it’s not purchased either. The soft sands that tourists expect have to come from actual beaches, and that’s why smugglers have been running sand from Sansara and Nautilus beaches. “They’ve got gall, too,” said the Sheriff, “pilots like the one we arrested fly seaplanes and small craft right next to waterways and shovel it on and take off before officers arrive.”

The amount of sand shipped is not known, but it is now believed that the vintage planes with old WDSF paint are part of an operation that extends over two continents.


A recent confession from an arrested truck driver gave the Sheriff the break needed. “He told us how he would drive the truck to beaches at night, then drive to a landing strip for a daytime pickup,” said the Sheriff. “If you ask the WPD or WIA about it they say it has to be the Island Mafia running the show, but no one arrested is saying anything about that.”


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