UNO Up For Sale, Energy Market Shaky

UNOoil An UNO tanker fuels up a Vulture Air twin otter at ERIA. UNO vehicles have become a rare sight on the roads and airports. The energy market was shaky this week as oil conglomerate Undine National Oil (UNO) put itself on the market. UNO, which once supplied all of Waterbank and Sansara, has been exiled from Undine after a cooperative treaty between major powers (NATO and SSR) and a new Undine government ended conflict in all but two areas of Undine. The Undine Conflict, which once expanded to the entirety of Undine has been contained to the AFB Olds Base, where a few combatants still remain. UNO drew on oil reserves in the Undine Sea, and with the new isolationist policies of the region has found itself without oil to sell. “We still have vehicles, personnel, resources that another energy company could use, and most importantly,” said the spokesperson for the company, “we still have rights to those fields should they open up again. We are in court to get the fields back open, and we have retained the services of a famous lawyer from Baker and Sun Law Firm. I believe you call him the “fugitive lawyer.”


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