Drunken Mechanic Tries To Board Flight at ERIA


Security officers at ERIA responded quickly when an airplane mechanic appeared at Gate A2 demanding to get on a flight. “He was clearly drunk and after we brought him back into holding,” the ERIA security chief explained, “he told us why he needed to get away.”

“I saw the damned beast right in the hangar!” The man yelled in the interrogation, “it looked me right in the eye, sniffed at me and then walked away.” In the tape the man begins to sob. “Do I really smell that bad?”

ERIA security investigated the situation and did find beast tracks in oil leading to the last hangar on the northern side of the apron. “We also found several bottles of the cheapest whiskey available. That cheap stuff may have just saved his life.”

The mechanic was a part-time worker for Waterbank Airlines, which has had to lay off full time staff as it competes with other airlines. The beast is still at large somewhere near the airport.


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