ERIA Honcha Gives Press Conference

VCGpippen The conference was held in Pippen off the East River.

At a press conference held today at ERIA, the head of the East River International Airport told an anxious crowd what has been happening.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the hunt continues for the beast. We have narrowed the search area down to a few of the caves in the hills behind the airport. The beast has not been getting around as easily as it was previously. However, it has been eluding all patrols and check points that have been set up to capture it. All that we can say about the beast is that it must be intelligent if it keeps escaping us. The investigation is ongoing. We will update you all when we know more.”

Chia, who was eager to board a S & W Bell 212 for a meeting with her lead engineer at Feral Marine, had to stay for the clamor the reporters were making about Feral Marine.

“No, Feral Marine is not making autonomous boats. That’s just a rumor. Elisha Paklena, our lead engineer, does have some interesting projects, but is not making autonomous boats at this time. We are excited about our new BUSL which is under testing, and the upcoming Fire Cat.”

Chia turned back to the crowd yelling out questions to answer one final question.

“No, we have not been able to find out about what is being built in the Duck Sim. Whatever it is, it has a high clearance – all air traffic has been diverted around that sim by ERIA Center.”


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