Silas at QI, Gets Wet


Readers, I’m sure my editors are delighting in my tales of loss, but there it is. I got wet again.

Not my fault.

OK, a lot my fault.

Transporting an animal for testing to Quandry, I was in too much of a hurry and didn’t get a reading on my landing zone. In my defense the animal, which is something like a cow meets a slug is called a Mgglew – but I call it an intergalactic fart weasel. The thing was flatulent for 90% of the two week trip and not the nice kind either. Anyhow, ditching that Gremlin was something of luck.

So there I was, flying as fast as I could down to the address on the package, the QI secret labs on planetside of Creative Commons. When I got there though – the place was covered with water and my landing zone was nowhere to be seen.

I crashed into the water and didn’t have time to shield the engine, so… there were some pretty bad sounds. I released the Mgglew, popped the cockpit, and swam up. The Mgglew didn’t seem to know how to swim, but there was nothing I could do – it was three tons when on a planet. I was treading water and feeling sad when it broke the surface, and released a tremendous amount of gas. I stopped worrying about its buoyancy.


We swam to the nearest island and climbed a rock for a view. Instead of the dusty QI labs there was water everywhere, and a semitropical landing platform.


Making it to the platform, there was no one there, just one of BBI’s (Black Bishop Industries) finest shuttles (you should come to the showroom to see the latest). No Bash, no Amun, just an open shuttle. Never being one to refuse a gift, I made myself at home. When someone shows up I’ll get a signature for the fart weasel, and get a shiny new Gremlin.

From Quandry/BBI,



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