SZYM Releases 6.1 Update, Customer Collapses With Excitement


After SZYM Motors released an update to 6.1 customers at the Prototype showroom (link at right) were so excited that the cheer could be heard outside the building.

“I thought it was World Cup again,” said Florence at the Rodex Diner.

An ambulance had to be called for one customer who collapsed as Will Szymborska said that the update would include the Intruder and the Entourage vehicles. “The poor guy just couldn’t take the excitement,” said the Prototype EMT, as he administered oxygen to the man. “But can you blame him? I spend all day in this lovely,” pointed to the much admired Tredpro ambulance, “and as soon as I’m off work I get in my Intruder for a drive! I can’t wait to check out the new improvements!”


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