Airports Turn To Private Security Giant HitCorp

HcoAirports A HitCorp canine patrol checks a flight for explosives. HitCorp patrols have uncovered several threats this year.

Desdemona Airfield, Delchdork, and Grenadier Airport have turned to security giant HitCorp for security and emergency services.

“It makes a lot of sense,” said WBA President Sketch Sun, “to work with a professional group that has the infrastructure airports need. It lets them focus on the pilots and passengers.”

HCI’s Company Police vehicles at Delchdork Airport. Private employees sworn in as Law Enforcement within the airport to supervise security officers and handle arrests.

HCI (HitCorp International) was called for comment. “HitCorp International was recently asked to expand the security contract at Desdemona Airfield, to include fire prevention and emergency medical services. The contract has already been renegotiated, and several of our Fire Prevention and PMR’s Medical Service vehicles have already been stationed within the airfield. We are proud to continue serving the airport, it’s staff, and the commuters of Nautilus.”

Industry watchers are wary of private security firms, though many admit that HitCorp’s reputation is very good. “They’ve never been caught doing anything bad,” said one.


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