USS Nimitz and NAS Readies For Pirates

Nimitz1 USS Nimitz CVN-68, JAS Blake Sea, is the home to a self-sufficient battle group, ready to deal with pirates. The S & W patrol craft in the picture regularly conduct patrols for area safety.

After a harrowing incident of air piracy, Waterbank Airlines made a formal request to the Nimitz Battle Group for assistance in the event of another attack.

“We used to go to the WSDF, but these days they’re underfunded and understaffed. Nimitz has everything,” said the Waterbank Airlines President.

The USS Nimitz indeed has everything, including state of the art jet fighters and a highly trained commando unit that could be trained for high altitude interventions.

NimitzUnder Below decks at the Nimitz, where a squadron sits battle ready.

A source close to the Battle Group’s command commented on the new threat. “They’re aware of the Claw, and like everyone else, not sure where they’re based. If a ship or plane can contact the group in time, they’ll be able to deal with it.”

F15-2 F-15 Pilot Joan Moleno practices carrier landings at the USS Nimitz. Fighters from JAS Blake Sea have been running patrols since the incident.


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