Pilot Identified as Sketch Sun, Escapes

Yesterday’s pilot capture by the Sheriff’s Department has completely baffled law enforcement officials, who identified the pilot as Sketch Sun. We reached Sketch Sun for comment at his desk in the Pippen WBA office.

“Clearly there is a mistake. You can’t have me in custody while I’ve been on the phone here. I have a call sheet a mile long, so there’s no way I’m landing a plane on a highway.”

Sheriff deputies were baffled even more when their prisoner was missing. “We think he walked out wearing one of our jackets, entered our impound lot, gunned the engine of his plane and tookoff,” said a deputy.

Mayor Countley, who shares an office with Sketch Sun was overheard yelling at the deputy in charge. “How the hay in green green Mowry can you not hear an AN-2 take off?!” She demanded before hanging up angrily. “You don’t hear Officer Carrol making these kinds of mistakes,” she said when off the phone.

The Sheriff’s Department was able to identify the cargo, which had been taken out of the plane for analysis. “It’s sand from local beaches in Sansara,” said the Sheriff’s Department spokesperson, “and we believe this may be why there is more beach erosion this year.”

Though improperly identified, the pilot is now labeled a fugitive, and anyone that has information about the pilot leading to his arrest will receive an award.


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