Missing Reporter’s Audio Recovered

An audio tape mysteriously appeared in the Waterbank News offices in Pippen after an interview with Angel Eleven, owner of Scenic Express Airlines. The reporter, which has been missing since the interview, can be heard on the tape, asking questions.

(transcript from the audio tape)

Interviewer: Angel, where did you pick up the men from that you flew into ERIA?
Angel: Well I… can’t really say too much other than it was an undisclosed airstrip. Scenic Express is routinely assigned to discrete customers where we keep most activities quite private. (in a whisper) This was highly sensitive…
Interviewer: I see, well can you disclose who called and arranged for the flight?
Angel: I can only say that it was of classified nature. What branch of government I couldn’t determine and wasn’t allowed to ask. They looked like a technical team accompanied by only what I can tell as possible 2 other security force personnel. One was assigned to co pilot with me, This I was not prepared for.
Interviewer: Oh that must have been different for you, were you required to follow a set flight path?
Angel: Yes, it was not a usual route, at one point I was told to give over the flying at one portion. and requested to sit in the back, until we were on approach to ERIA.
interviewer: Angel, thank you for sitting with me and talking about this. One final question. Did you happen to notice any marked crates or boxes that they were carrying with them when they boarded? Any logo’s?
Angel: They did load on some road cases. No special logos that would call anything out. Though one had something that seemed to read radiation levels from what I could tell, I only noticed it as I stepped into the cabin during the portion of the flight the agent wanted me in back. Two had been discussing the readings, until I showed up.
Interviewer: Angel, once again thank you for your time, we will –

(Audio ends with rustling and commotion like a struggle)


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