ERC Beast Clues At East River International Airport

ERIA Security officers, during a routine investigation of long term unclaimed international shipments found what seemed to be the wreckage of a shipping container at the East River International Airport.

Their report on the container was sealed to the public, but an intrepid source leaked this excerpt from it:

“…the container looks as if something tore it apart from the inside. Inspection of marks left on the metal indicate claws were used…”

ERIA, being an intercontinental airport, has to follow some protocols, and the area was closed pending an investigation. Witnesses saw an unidentified team arrived on a Scenic Express flight mere minutes after the report was filed with the LAA (Linden Aerospace Authority). The metallic boxes they carried, along with black suits and jumpsuits raised a lot of rumors on the tarmac.

“They were MIB,” said one janitor watching from the terminal. “They were definitely government,” said a baggage handler. “It’s none of our business,” said a security officer.

PippBoats Boats like these from Feral Marine represent only half of the freight in the East River Business District. The other half comes through the ERIA airport (link at right).

ERIA Owner and president Chia Ferduccio, at a press conference, was asked about the situation. “ERIA is cooperating with all agencies involved in this matter. According to ERC statute 67.56 section C must close down the section for further investigation by qualified personnel. Hopefully this will be resolved soon so that ERIA can get the international cargo areas back to operating at 100% capacity. All that I can tell you now about what has been found is that it seems some sort of animal was shipped to ERIA and never claimed. So it sat there in our international cargo area for a few days while the shipper of the crate was being contacted.”

After the meeting Chia seen getting into a black, unmarked SUV with blacked out windows and no plates.


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