Eagle Seaways Opens Routes In Blake Sea


Eagle Seaways, the latest venture of Eagle Airways, has opened routes and private charters for passengers who want to see the Blake Sea from the water. With two boats in their livery and more on the way, passengers can ride in comfort on a Suri class motorboat or the Princess class from BBX Yachts(link).

Owner and founder Curly Mehael (curlyhead22) has plans to extend the range of services offered to customers but was keeping them quiet for now on our reporter’s ride from New Horizons airport (link) and marina to Hollywood Airfield. The veteran of the 160th and hours of piloting with Eagle Airways, the friendly founder of Eagle Seaways was serious about his passengers having a “safe and pleasant journey.”

Travelers interested in the new service can charter directly to Curly or go to one of the ticket counters at ARA or participating airports.


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