Sheriff Takes Beast-Hunt to the Air


The Sheriff has taken the beast-hunt to the air after several ground searches have found nothing but tracks. “The $%#*! creature’s given us the slip one too many times,” said the Sheriff, “and we will catch that… beast.”

In an S & W Bell 212 outfitted with infrared, the Sheriff circled the mountainous area north of the East River Airport, where most of the tracks converge. For three hours they circled the mountain peak, finally settling into a bamboo grove for a closer look.


“There was more proof of the creature there than anywhere, so we think it must be in a cave nearby,” said the Sheriff. “From the skeletons and smell, it must have pulled whole cows back to feed there. After seeing the state of the cows, it seems that the creature is nocturnal. To finally capture it, we’ll need to track it at night.”


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