Fugitive Mayor Caught!

Former Mayor Michael Steele, who absconded Waterbank with as much as he could embezzle, has been caught by a bounty hunter. After claiming the 3000 Linden reward, she explained how it was done.

“He’s a fanatic for boats. The last time anyone saw him he was in a GEMC powerboat puttering away into the sunset. But I’m like him, and I saw him at one of the showcases at Tradewinds (TYC). He ran but I laid a trap for him at Dutch Harbor, where Bandit Boats is. Poor guy. I caught him drooling over the Bandit 470.”

Now in custody, the former mayor has enlisted the help of another fugitive – the Fugitive Lawyer. “We’re lucky the case is a solid one,” said the Waterbank District Attorney, “because that Fugitive Lawyer is quite good.”

The bounty hunter that caught Micheal Steele visited him in jail. “He’s got some crazy info on Bandit Boats, and I’m such a fan that I had to ask him again. I guess he broke into their offices and took some plans. That Analyse Dean’s got brains, that’s all I can say.”


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