SOCL Sends Package to Mesa 5


An 8 Star Company delivery jockey looks out at Mesa 5. The megacity has recently lowered rents in some locations to encourage transients to settle in Mesa 5. 


In the first move to space, SOCL instructed WASA to send a package to Gold Team 2 at Mesa 5. Gold Team 2, which has been conducting experiments on the water reactor at Mesa 5, does not know that the Secret Order of the Crested Lotus has purchased WASA, or what they intend to do.

In the package are instructions, equipment, and what the SOCL representative calls “a care package from home.”

“Canned Undine Trout, Waterbank Hard Cheese, and other goodies,” the representative told us, “anything to let them know that SOCL will take good care of them. We’ve got big plans in space.”


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