Photo From SOCL Amazon Expedition Surfaces


This photo of the Secret Order of the Crested Lotus Amazon expedition was found in a Second Norway terminal, on the floor with no one around it. The person who found it, a bounty hunter taking a flight from Second Norway to Desdemona saw the photo and picked it up, recognizing what it was. “I followed the news of the expedition like everyone else,” she told us, “but there was never anything in there like this. That statue looks like solid gold.”

A SOCL representative confirmed the photo. “One of our clumsier couriers was traveling through Second Norway, they most likely dropped the photo. It was labelled ‘Temple of the Golden Beast’ by the captain of the Crested Lotus, and yes, it is solid gold.”

The bounty hunter said that they would return the photo right after they catch their quarry – the elusive Michael Steele, former mayor turned fugitive. “The payout is 3000 Lindens, and I’ve got my eye on the Bandit 470 when she comes out,” she told us. “I’m not missing my chance at a reward just for some photo.”


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