East River “Beast Hunt” Turns Up More Questions


Waterbank Animal Control responded to another animal sighting just north of the East River International Airport yesterday evening, and saw a creature like the one described to the Sheriff’s Department only a day before.

“The thing was massive – two and a half meters, with black fur. It was almost like a wolf, but had hideous bulging eyes,” the Animal Control officer told us. “I took one look at my little lasso and called the Sheriff!”

SherChupa1 Sheriff’s deputies responded quickly, pulling as many officers as they could to hunt the animal. “It’s a clear threat to public safety and we’re worried about access to the East River airport. The sighting was just where the commuter train picks up for ERIA.”

Waterbank News reporters listening to the police band drove to the place called Indigo’s Place in Macclaine (link) where teams of deputies and deputized farmers were forming a line to search the hills.


Reporters were impressed by the turnout and organization of the Sheriff’s Department. “We think it moved north,” a deputy announced with a bullhorn, “so teams 1 to 3 will move up to the ridge. Team 4 will move along the tracks to the airport.”


For two hours until the sun had completely gone down the teams searched, though only team 4 found anything. On the sides of the railway to the airport were tracks of the beast. Large footprints that were part bear, part human.

“Those tracks had to be what people saw,” said a deputy, “but it’s more dangerous for us to try to look for it at night, so we’re calling it off at 8.”

The search ended at 8, and a deputy was overheard talking to Mayor Countley on the radio. “It’s over for now, sir. I’ve been on manhunts and dog hunts, but this is the first beast-hunt I’ve been on.”


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