WBA Rereleases ERIA Map

After adding a number of improvements to the ERIA map, the WBA and WAA have rereleased the map. “We want to be better,” said WBA President Sketch Sun, “and provide more value to pilots. We’re turning them out slower right now, since most of the staff has been helping the Mayor’s office with the budget.”


The new map adds new information about the airport, yet does not show some of the new developments. “The East River International Airport is really a draw for the area. The map is just for pilots, but ERIA has a heliport with 6 parking spots, three large gates with jet bridges, commuter gates, and so much more. There’s not enough room on the map!” Said Sketch Sun, who quickly added, “GridTalkie and Pfeffer Industries are there in the terminal shops, a coffee shop is in the works, and lot of airlines. Scenic Express, Virtual Southwest, Harmaa Susia Airlines, Virtual United, Eagle Airways, DragonAir, Vulture Connection, and GridEx all run routes from ERIA. I’m sure I’m forgetting something too, but the owners of the airport, Chia (Volchia Ferduccio), and Elisha Paklena Cassini-Niosaki (elisha.paklena) have put together an A Class airport, right in Waterbank’s backyard. It’s very exciting.”

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  1. We are continuing the upgrades the airport. Including an unnamed project that has just begun. Over the next few days everyone will notice some buildings going up in the marina below the airport. Also, the largest hanger has been demolished in favor of a new area that will benefit all aircraft choosing to call ERIA home.

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