The Crested Lotus returns to Waterbank!

The Crested Lotus at 5 Grace Canal.

The Crested Lotus returns to Waterbank! Amid cheers and the occasional jeer from a member of the Rusted Sword Society, the Crested Lotus moored at Grace Canal and presented their findings from the Amazon expedition.

While Captain Sketch Sun of the Crested Lotus explained the achievements of his intrepid crew, several crew members escorted a bound Captain Wallaby ashore and into a Waterbank Police squad car. Upon seeing Wallaby, teenage girls and a few women ran to the charismatic prisoner, squealing and swooning. Captain Sun did his best to hold the attention of the crowd, though the two officers holding back the crowd of women were overwhelmed and soon were overcome. Chaos ensued, and only when shots were fired from Captain Sun’s flintlock pistols – period pieces from the expedition – did the scene quiet. In the momentary calm it was clear. Captain Wallaby had escaped.


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