WIA Releases Threat Assessment For OLDS AFB

OLDSAFBasseesA map from the report shows danger areas in OLDS AFB, including the barbecue.

In an uncharacteristically public gesture WIA released a Threat Assessment For OLDS AFB. The release was timed with a press release stating a change in structure, removing the mayoral office from command decisions. “We haven’t had a mayor for some time,” the spokesperson stated, “but WIA has to keep pulling triggers.”

The base in the report was the key launch point for WSDF forces during the Undine campaign and is still in use. The report outlines potential threat areas and recommended countermeasures for “a highly advanced adversary with traditional and guerrilla forces.”

The majority of the report focused on areas of ingress; gaps in the perimeter defenses that made the base too accessible to enemy armor. An entire chapter was dedicated to “internal threats,” which included a barbecue. “A continually burning charcoal fire with grilling meats, all but unmanned has had the effect of distracting military patrol dogs and owners at its minimum, and a large fire risk at maximum” said the report.

It also goes on to say that transferring the base to civilian control – an international airport supporting none of the combatants could localize the conflict in other areas and act as a step toward an independent Undine.

An independent Undine has long been the goal of Waterbank, which has supported the ULF (Undine Liberation Front) and the NUG (New Undine Government) from the beginning of the conflict.

“We think this marks the beginning of an independent WIA,” said one Professor of Political Science at Waterbank University, “one no longer held to the power of a mayor. It is a dangerous first step.”

Many in the intelligence community agree, seeing an intelligence agency that follows its own agenda as being contrary to security. “Today’s enemies can become clients if you’re not careful,” said a former analyst, “and I’m thinking specifically about the Claw.”


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