Fugitive Lawyer Arrested – Again

LawyerArrested The fugitive lawyer was arrested after someone spotted him in Club Dionysis in Danger Point.

After an escape from Danger Point Correctional Facility during an attack, the fugitive lawyer from Baker and Sun has been arrested again, only blocks away from the jail.

“I haven’t just been running,” the lawyer told us on a phone call from the jail, “I’ve been winning cases and billing hours. I want to make partner, so I’m working hard, even if that means meeting clients where I’m wanted.”

An amateur photographer at Club Dionysis took this photo only moments before the arrest. The lawyer is talking to off duty Deputy Police Chief Debbie Wei.


“Off duty is off duty,” said Wei, having another drink when we caught up with her, “and our latest recruit, Officer Saith handled it fine.”

Officer Saith (badge no. 744), was checking in on the club when he saw the lawyer. “The guy’s been in the paper so much lately, of course I recognized him!” He then arrested the lawyer and took him to the station. Witnesses say that the lawyer was nonplussed.

“He smiled as though he’ll be out again soon,” said one.

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