Hidden Shipments in Undine

SSRphoto A reconnaissance photo from a drone shows a submarine docked at the SSR Base in Undine.

War planners in the Undine theater have long questioned how either side gets supplies when there is such a strong air force in the theater, but the Waterbank Intelligence Agency has the answer.

“It’s in the pictures,” explained one analyst. “Both the naval air station and the SSR base on the mainland have subs parked right next to them. The supplies – weapons, ammunition, and even personnel are coming off the boats and right into theater.”

The submarines, and shipping have led to a rise in sea interdictions – on both sides. “There are a lot of ships on the sea bottom,” said one SSR Commander. “NATO and SSR have each put them there.”

The Undine Conflict has continued for many years, now, as chronicled in the Waterbank News.


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