ULF Joins NATO, SSR Sees Rank Swell

News came a few days ago of a peace treaty between NATO and ULF forces in Undine, which was followed by an Alliance Agreement, allowing ULF equal footing with NATO forces.

NNC News, which first reported the story, is quoted as followed:

As the Allied Command confirmed today. The formerly rebel-group known as Undine Liberation Front (ULF) signed a peace treaty with NATO and now work goes forward to build a strong alliance to fight down the SSR assault on Undine Island…

The shift in politics and combat operations in Undine (Olds) has been speculated on for some time, yet the forces on the ground are still sorting things out. “It’s easier to know who to shoot at,” said one ULF commander, “but I’d feel better with a gun on a swivel.”

No word yet on how Waterbank Metropolitan Authority, which has reluctantly supported the ULF will side with. SSR forces, which claim that their operations are requested by the ruling Undine government, have seen a swelling of support in response to the recent changes.


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