WSDF Visits Black Dragon Facility, Goes Back For More

Blackdragon3 A WSDF team maneuvers around the BDCF course, and Uncle Outy poses for a photo.

Waterbank Self Defense Forces have just returned from combat training at Black Dragon Combat Facility, and were so impressed by the experience that they made a formal request to the Mayor to go back again.

“It was the best experience,” said Michael Steele, WSDF Commander In Chief, “I can’t wait to go back!”

Black Dragon Combat Facility is located on Sardonyx Island and has been providing a space for combat and active intervention training for two years. Using the popular MCE combat system, the facility features live fire ranges with realistic settings for practice. Bridges, buildings, obstacles, waterways, tunnels, and airfields are set out to give the visitors hundreds of scenarios to work with.

Uncle Outy™, one of the owners explained his philosophy. “This region is a open combat region – as long as people keep drama away and play fair you are allowed to be anyone who you like and use any MCE weapon or vehicle you like.”

Police departments, militaries, and private security companies all visit the Black Dragon Combat Facility to hone their skills, and rave about it. Setgol, the armored car company sends its drivers too. “Unc Outy’s always fixin things up, so when you come back it’s even better than before. We ran a heist simulation there a couple of times. Our drivers love it.”

Asked about what the future was for Black Dragon, Uncle Outy™ grinned and winked. “There might be some new tunnels coming, but you never know!”

Interested combatants should visit the following link and gear up with MCE equipment provided there, or shop at Amok Dynamics.

Black Dragon Combat Facility


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