UN Report on Undine: Lack of Fire Control Listed As Primary Concern

Undine – The United Nations Mission in Undine (UNMiU) released a report for its member nations today on the status of the Undine Conflict. In the twenty page paper it listed a number of UN concerns about the conduct of military forces as well as the ongoing need for humanitarian assistance for urban and town areas.

The most pressing concern it listed was poor fire control, where targets were engaged without little to no identifying. In the report the following table was published to demonstrate the major combatants in theater and their numbers of incidents in a three month period.


Interestingly, both superpowers in the theater performed the worst, despite a large technological advantage. “The report reflects a troubling culture of trigger happiness among some of the combatants,” said one of the UNMiU writers, “they shoot everything that moves, as soon as it pops up.”

The report was highly critical of certain soldiers, even naming some in an effort to encourage the respective commands to take responsibility. “NATO 2nd Lt. Thanatos Ikura,” the report reads, “has a pattern of engaging targets by location rather than identification. Among his kill count are civilians, observers, and UNMiU support personnel.”

Not all names were bad, however. Lt. Colonel Vitafit Wottitz of the SSR, a highly decorated officer in the theater came out well. “Officers such as Lieutenant Colonel Wottitz show exemplary control of fire and humanitarian sensitivity” the report reads.

No response to the report has been made yet, though Mayor Forgier has acknowledged some “embarrassing incidents” with WSDF in the past.


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