DP Lawyer Gets Caught in Prototype Sting

LawPrototype An undercover officer took this picture of a well known Danger Point lawyer.

A lawyer from Baker and Sun Legal Firm in Danger Point was arrested today in a sting in Prototype. The sting, targeting a local Prototype crime group and members of the Morning Star Syndicate (MSS) was the result of a three month investigation into a string of arson and burglaries. The lawyer was caught on tape offering services and mediation for the two groups to expand MSS’ reach into Prototype.

“Most of the meetings were in the Old Social Club behind us,” explained a Prototype Police Detective, “and this one took place here at the railyards, so we knew it was serious. If we didn’t close in now, it would be too late.”

Prototype, the home to NTBI and several businesses, has seen an increase in business and crime. Prototype Police Department, along with all Prototype emergency services are supported by NTBI, which donates it’s vehicles and equipment. “We get the best toys,” grinned one Prototype fireman.

The lawyer was taken into custody along with a member of MSS to Danger Point for arraignment. In court, the judge refused to offer bail, though Barry’s Bail Bonds had already prepared for it. “He’s a flight risk.”

Interviewed by phone from his jail cell, the lawyer laughed at his situation. “I might know someone who can get me out.”


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