Silas Tries to Make It Right

From Silas Moone, our reporter in space:

Readers may recall that I ran off with Jgack’s tow ship some time ago, and now that Astropol has smaller jurisdiction, it was time for me to make things right with him.

Considering his last words to me (“I’ll make evisceration look like a paper cut”) I was a little nervous. I brought with me his favorite thing in the world to soften the blow. Ok, the second favorite. The first is baby humans, which he “gave up eating for health reasons.”

When I showed up at his garage I threw the money in first like a flash-bang. When I didn’t hear anything I went in.

Gone. Everything packed up with a small digital projection note.

“Called back to fight. Jgack’s closed. Silas, you cur, you park the Gremlin and pay what you owe me.”

I put the money in the Gremlin and decided to ask around. What would send him back to fight? Turns out his wife’s home planet has an infestation. Some kind of mechanized bot that can eat a planet’s resources and everyone was called back to deal with it. Who knew Jgack cared? Not me, readers, but then I hardly knew the guy.

A source at Dynacorps said it was like Didymus, and I remembered what Bash had said. They’re coming in months.


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