DP Cop Saved By WAX

Danger Point – An undercover policeman was saved from a critical gun wound yesterday when a Waterbank Auxiliary EMT responded to a call. Officer Jeng15Kayor had been shot fatally but DPPD Officer MonsterRob refused to give up hope. “I put out a call for an ambulance and WAX was there,” he said, “they picked him up and took him to the hospital.”

Since the new hospital administrator Tammy Savage has taken a firm hand on medical treatment in Danger Point, WAX has had less to do. “It was lucky we were there, really,” said the EMT on the scene, “we’re just independent contractors in DP for the moment.”

WAX handles ambulance, fire, and private security needs as arranged by local governments. “They’re there to help when the native emergency services aren’t enough,” explained Wesley Trope of Waterbank Emergency Services.

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