Undine Soldier Sees Undine Serpent, Tells Story

UndSerpent The soldier’s drawing of the beast
Private D – he asked that no names be used in the story – saw the serpent first hand. “It was so terrifying,” a soldier of the ULF told us, “the thing came out of the water, ate my corporal and there was nothing I could do about it!”

While on patrol in the Undine Woods near the Undine River, the team saw something in the water. “The corporal thought it might be supplies that washed overboard, so he got closer to it.” The soldier recounted the event, “we really need supplies, you know. Just as he got within a meter – whammo! That giant snakey-serpent was chewing on him. I grabbed my gun and aimed, but he was tossing my corporal back and forth. I couldn’t get a shot.” The soldier cried as he held out the above picture to us. “I drew this so people would know.”


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