Coastal Patrol Seeks Undine Serpent

Waterbank Self Defense Forces sent one of their Coastal Patrol MI-14s on the most unusual mission.

In photos taken by Waterbank Intelligence agents in the Undine Woods, a Coastal Patrol helicopter (WSDF) is hovering over a small lake in the Undine Woods, taking a risk to determine if there is anything under the water. “The ULF fighters in the Undine Woods can be very superstitious,” Mayor Forgier said with a groan, “and there have been reports of an Undine Serpent in the waters for centuries.” Mayor Forgier, the previous Waterbank Intelligence Agency Chief, is very familiar with the ULF during the time that Waterbank fully supported the ULF.

Amok’s MI-14 is packed with anti-submarine gear, and can sonar water bodies for active agents.

“There has been little proof of the beast,” said the leading professor of Animal Sciences at Waterbank University, “yet the superstition persists. Some soldiers even refuse to cross bridges in fear of it. The Coastal Patrol might be just the thing to calm those soldiers nerves.”

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