SSR Puts Out Undine City Fire

Pictured are two MI-26s – one SSR and one UNO OIl

To the surprise of many in Undine City, SSR (the Warsaw Pact callsign) responded to a fire in the Undine lighthouse, and put out the fire with an Amok MI-26. SSR, usually known for its aggressive use of weapons was quick to use its helicopter to drag water onto the blaze. WIA analysts suggest that this may be a new effort to appeal to the population of Undine or sway the ULF.

“The lamp inside the tower had been on all night, and we think it overheated” said Silas Tchecko, Undine lighthouse repairman. “Poor Gitty must have been cooked in there.”

Gitty, was the lighthouse keeper, one of the few to survive several years in the combat zone. “He would want the lighthouse to keep going, said Tchecko.


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