The November Conspiracy

The investigation into the assault on the WMA complex that led to the assassination of Mayor Barnaby and key members of the Undine conflict is ongoing, yet the details that have surfaced create more questions than answers. The troubling questions, from why were police taken from their duties to why there were no SDF forces available have been called the “November Conspiracy.”

Waterbank News has put together some of the known details in this report on the November Conspiracy.


At 5 AM A specially chartered Waterbank Air helicopter lands at Aztral Field with key people for Undine peace talks. On board are…
5:02 A conductor operating a freight train on the Missaukke Line sees a man surveying on the bridge trackway near Waterbank. It is still dark out.
5:08 A routine Coastal Patrol is diverted to check a vessel 2 kilometers away from Waterbank. At this time the patrol would have been over the mouth of the Grace Canal and seen any craft approaching Waterbank. It’s new course would make that impossible.
5:10 Waterbank Fishing Trawler WS Slippery Dreams repositions closer to shore and crewmen see a small craft speeding into Grace Canal. It uses no lights and is painted a dark color.
At 5:11 Officer called away from patrol to check out Missauke Station. Her patrol would have taken her by the grass areas later used a gunman.
5:42 A convoy of four vehicles, including two WPD patrol cars drive quickly toward WMA complex. The limo that carries most of the people is specially armored to withstand gunfire.
6 AM The convoy arrives at WMA
6:03 Dawn
6:04 Officers secure WMA as Mayor Barnaby comes down to the ground level to greet them.
6:06 A witness on Sutherland Dam Road on his daily commute sees vehicles parked along the road.
6:07 Historical reenactor Mike Tokugawa sees people on the grasslands opposite WMA.
6:09 The first of two rocket grenades is fired at the limousine in front of the elevator doors. The blast catches Mayor Barnaby as he exits the elevator and the shock sets the WPD vehicle sirens off.
6:10 The second rocket explodes near the first, sending the limousine into the air. All members of the meeting are presumed dead as security officers scramble to safety.
6:11 Shots are fired into the smoke around WMA complex. Two officers are injured by the shots before officers realize that the shots are coming from the railroad bridge.
6:24 Waterbank emergency dispatch receives its first call and an All Units dispatch is made.
6:27 Waterbank Fire Department arrives as WPD officers return fire. Engine 1 is used as a shield for rescue operations.
6:37 Waterbank SWAT deploys at Missauke Station and a WSDF attack helicopter tracks a van driving erratically away from Waterbank toward Sutherland Dam.
7:42 Fire is now consuming WMA tower and emergency responders are attempting to evacuate the site.
7 AM SWAT has cleared station and nearby trackway but the smoke from the fire has blown toward the grass areas where the shooters are thought to be.
7:11 Echo Company, the WSDF armored unit tasked with defending Aztral Field is reassigned to Waterbank. They will not arrive until 7:36
8 AM Roadblocks and checkpoints are established within two kilometers. The fire at WMA is mostly contained.
9 AM Without mayoral leadership each service acts according to its command, and there are conflicts between WPD and SDF.
12:28 The first detectives arrive in the grassy area to find clues.


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