Operation Watershed Concludes

Operation Watershed, the largest operation in Waterbank history, concluded yesterday with only a few small bangs. The three day military operation to clear pirates from Undine waterways involved units from Waterbank’s Self Defense and police forces, as well as an untold number of WIA operatives. Though they were no official releases from the administration about the numbers of troops used, it is known that there were 17 deaths, three of which were designated as “friendly fire.”
Waterbank officials have dubbed it a tremendous success, as have several military officers. Colonel Winters, a F-4 pilot in the Self Defense Force, claimed that “few to none of the elements targeted survived. We were everywhere at once.”
The speed and the ferocity of our forces was the key to success according to the Mayor, who held questions until the three hour press conference was over. A number of critics of the operation, including several former Undine generals, have said that the operation utilized too much firepower in repressing the criminal forces and did not engage with the two major sources of pirate support, the Warsaw Pact and ULF. Questioned about this, the Mayor dismissed the claim as “impossible.”
Anonymous sources in the WIA have stated that there is validity to the claim, citing the appearance of NATO and Warsaw Pact weaponry on an island near Undine City. As for the ULF, General Young of the SDF had this to say. “The connection between ULF and the pirates is that of a horse and its droppings. You can’t have one without the other.” Pressed whether Waterbank would change their stance in the region he refused to answer. “We are open to all options at this time.”


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