New Undine Government Formed!

Business interests and Undine citizens officially formed a new government in absentia today on Waterbank soil. The move has been embraced wholeheartedly by Mayor Barnaby, who offered office space for the new administration at 5 Grace Canal Road.
“We welcome a new future for Undine, and pledge our support for their success!” Mayor Barnaby shouted to a crowd of supporters, “If Undine needs more bandages, we’ll give it. If they need our guns, they’ll have it!”
Mayor Barnaby, who had already been sending Waterbank Self Defense Forces into combat missions in Undine, has met with some resistance to the decision to back the new government.

In an uncharacteristic departure from lock step that Barnaby usually inspires, Captain Wesley Trope of the WPD and Simon Forgier of the WIA both came out with statements suggesting that the move could bring the war to Waterbank. “The ULF (Undine Liberation Front) for one makes no distinction about enemies,” stated Trope.


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