A hunt is on in Prototype Tri-State after criminals stole a Tunisian Coffee truck and made a fake delivery to SZYM Towers.

The criminals used the beloved roastery as a cover and parked right next to the lower level exit for a quick getaway. They then proceeded to rob the Kan Salon and Tahda Mart and made their getaway.

“It was early morning,” said the guard at the front of the building, “and they knew exactly when I get my morning croissant. They timed it perfectly.”

Security cameras at the SZYM Towers captured images of the criminals throughout their escape.

“The Towers are covered by Gentek cameras (link),” said a spokesperson at the Prototype State Troopers, “and we think that Gentek has advanced software to clean up the long distance shot to give us a look at who these perpetrators are.”

The car was seen entering the Northbrook forest, where police found the stolen car near the private residence of тσηε sнιℓσvα. They believe the criminals may be still in the forest.

“They took advantage of everybody’s love of Tunisian,” a Trooper told us, “but we’ll catch’em. We’re going to take out our new Scout (link) for some backwoods huntin’!”


Feral Marine, the largest of the Feral companies, has won another competitive bid, this time from the SLMC. Feral will now be supplying the military elite group with their RB-L and the Prowler (link), and has options for the new Lynx when it finishes testing.

“We’re excited about this partnership,” said a spokesperson, “Feral has a strong presence in the rescue and interdiction boat market, and is battle tested. We look forward to doing more together.”

From the press release – interested parties should join the Drivers of SL group:

GRAB A BOAT AND A CAR, OR A BOAT THAT IS A CAR! You’ll have some water and road to chew through this time.

Consider getting ready at 4:30pm, because at 5pm we let loose the Sea Dogs of Warf!

Be ready to have your Drivers of SL HUDs READY for prizes sponsored by Raimondo Harbor and Feral Marine!

Rides to be concluded by party and tunes by Bull Hui himself!!

WN has learned that the prize for this event is substantial – a beautiful prize from Feral Marine!

From the press release:
This Weekend SLCI Rocks with Press Events Tours and a jamming party. It all starts Saturday the 21st at 10 AM SLT at SLCI

Sunday the 22nd the Corsica International Air Show promises thrills – dance party and live concert follow.

It’s happening now so come on down! BUT KEEP YOUR PLANES OUT OF THE AREA!

Cannery Cove Corsica International Sea/Air Terminal – SLCI, Malrif – (LINK) ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄


In space (read SciFi), there are titans of industry. Names like BBI, Isil, Quandry, Greeble, and one of the most intriguing, Stellar Systems.

Though they have closed one of their locations – the not so secret lab and building space – the company has provided nearly every device our own Silas Moone has used, and so he joined us today to show just how innovative the company is.

Hey readers! Silas here with a heartfelt appeal to space travelers to consider Stellar Systems (link to store). We are talking about the company that I owe my life to, after all.

When not bashing my EV helmet (oh, it looks like another pun there, insiders!), I’m constantly out cruising the spaceways in Stellar gear (link). Whether it’s flying super low prim and well crafted ships like the Gremlin, or dodging automated missiles from Stellar, I’m out there every day seeing the products in action.

After an unfortunate altercation with a Araxian princess – how was I to know that symbol meant ‘female?’ – I even did a stint mining asteroids in the Outlying Quadrants. Again, all Stellar gear, and it never failed me, even when I got sandwiched between two asteroids. Kudos to Amun Ra.

Not sold yet? Consider this – Stellar creates an entire ecosystem for you to use, from getting what you need from asteroids to powering your high power turrets to keep away nosy little things like me. The products were designed to work with environmental elements from QI (link)(link to store), and when everything’s done you’ve got an action based world that takes you from food and power right into combat.

Speaking of combat, do you know the weird vampire bats on Araxis? Yeah, Stellar weapons will keep those things away too. Go check out what’s available at their store in Insilico – it has more than you will see at the Marketplace, and you can rez out a sample of their cool products.