In a fit of anger over the recent targeting of people in West River by groups in East River, a West River official blasted East River with accusations of deliberate encouragement and “zero oversight.”

“We in the West River have been harassed, attacked, and now killed by ERers [derogatory name for East River residents]! They’re cozy with paramilitaries and nip labs, and we’re not going to be quiet about it any more!” Screamed the official.

The venting happened in a cafe in Mowry after the official stepped in horse manure and started screaming at passerbys.

“He was so full of rage,” said one passing mother of a three year old.
“He smells funny,” said the 3 year old.

During the five minute tirade in the town square the official accosted locals with a list of allegations, including that Feral Marine had sunk West River barges during weapons tests, that catnip kingpins were buying up the best land in West River, and that HIT Corp, which has a home in East River was killing for sport.

“They [HIT Corp] do whatever they want! They were there during the Forgier assassination, and will probably silence me next!”

The rant ended when Sheriff’s deputies tasered the official, who fell onto the manure. “Yeah,” said one deputy, “the manure’s our bad. Our horses eat a lot of organics.”


Route 10 continues to see improvements, and the Route Ten MC even came out with a statement of approval, much to the surprise of the Sheriff’s Department.

“Route 10’s rez spot and weight station’s (link) a good spot for biking,” said Skruff the Killer, a R10 MC Charter Member. “Everywhere’s got bacon, but you can get a sandwich and a tune up there. Route 10’s the best!”

A plane from the Sheriff’s Department was lost over Tulagi, and no sign of the patrol craft has been found. The plane, routinely used in traffic monitoring and aerial patrols over large areas without roads, carried a single deputy and had been tasked with flying over an area that has been dubbed Tri-C – a triangle of catnip growers and “nip labs.”

“We are doing what we can to find the craft,” a spokesperson told us, “but we will need help.”

An inside source at WIA has told us that ERIA Cargo has been linked to several black ops in the West River area, and that the freight operation “sometimes confuses cargo with car-boom.”

According to the source a recent op targeted a high value sand thief while they were traveling to a remote airfield. The hit was arranged by a “private party” who used one of HIT Corp’s competitors.

“It’s getting ugly out there,” said our source, “and off books hits are coming from one sand thief to another catnip grower.”

We asked HIT Corp about the story and they said “grrrrrr.”