Only a handful hours before the release of Shergood’s H160, buyers are laready tracking dirt onto the red carpet.

“These people,” grumbled an event planner, “are just too excited! There are another five hours to go! I’m supposed to serve canapés for the builders in half an hour and I’m afraid Ms. Shergood’s fans will eat them all!”

The H-160 and its details can be found at the website (link) and at White Star Airport, Shergood Aviation’s main showroom.


The murder of a young duck at the exact location of four borders has resulted in a turf battle and call for justice.

“We won’t allow Pippen to trample on our ducks,” exclaimed one local constable, who admitted later that he didn’t know the ducks were there. “It’s our resource, not theirs. As we say in this area, ‘quack, quack!'”

The Sheriff’s Department was called to mediate the fowl play, but is not seeing cooperation. “Everybody’s got their feathers ruffled.”