Found by a Sheriff’s Department patrol in the Mowry Woods, the body of a half eaten person has been identified as one of the accomplices in the bank.

“The bites were too large to be wolves or bears,” said a spokesperson. “We may have another Beast on our hands.”

The body is said to have been attacked two days ago, but the Sheriff’s Department spokesperson did not tell us the name. “We are not identifying the body until the case is closed.”

The body was found here (link)


Home to the Pier in Selby, a food truck court, an arcade, and the dive bar Elbow Room, the Courtyard in Mare is a traveler’s favorite just northwest of Mowry on the main interstate (link). Visitors to the Greater East River Area know that the entire area has been greatly improved, with improved access for recreational drivers and emergency coverage from Central Pierce Fire and East River Driver’s Association, a non profit providing hubcap lugs for wayward truckers.

To access this beautifully developed string of communities along the East River and Western Gulf, fly into the East River Intercontinental Airport and drive north towards Mowry (just follow the signs!). Turn left on the interstate and after Mowry and the Salem School , Mare is on the right.

People preferring public transit can take the RapidER to Walsingham Westgate Station and walk north for 1 kilometer.

The wreck of a Coastal Patrol helicopter was found in an East River tributary last week by a diver.

“I saw the metal reflection and when I got closer I nearly yakked,” said the diver who found it. “The pilot was still in it, and when I swam away – let’s just say super gross.”

The crash is being investigated for foul play, though it may have been pilot error.

“There were 12 cans of soda in the cabin, and it looks like he was trying to use one,” said CP investigator. “I’m not sure we can blame the Claw for this.”

The WBA has awarded Sumi, a company in Burns that has been creating vehicles outside the Marketplace for “Innovations in Transportation.” The company which is also known as Murasaki Creations has produced a number of attractive vehicles, including a SLRR gauge tram that has visitors saying “natsukashii.”

The company showroom (with demos) is tucked into a small Japanese town, next to a railroad, an airport, and a short walk to an amusement park. Visitors, travelers, and buyers can visit this link: Murasaki in Burns

Aeronauticos from all over the world are expected to attend the release party of the newest ZSK aircraft in the Greater Tulagi area. The highly anticipated aircraft has gone through rigorous testing to meet the high standard of ZoraSlade Koru, ZSK’s jefe.

“I don’t know if the rumors about an engineer being fired for untrimmed nose hair are true,” said one worker at Archerfield, “but we take Quality Control very – VERY – seriously. Pilots know we aim to please.”

Check out the plane with a demo at Archerfield (link)

From the official PR materials:
“Join us on Friday 12th at 7pm PST as we launch the high anticipated LJ-45XR.

We will have Music from DJ Tom Box, Demo Aircraft to try, and the official launch at 7pm.

Before 7pm, The Demo rezzers will be turned off to allow guests to gather on the Tarmac. The ZSK Owner will then activate the vendors for the product launch.
Read more about this product here: link()

TNT Truck Super Center on Route 8A

The unfortunate clerk that had a nervous episode has been sent to the East River Hospital after a string of new GTFO locations flooded his desk.

From his notes, forwarded to Waterbank News by coworkers:

TNT Truck Super Center on Route 8A – Acrocorinth (209,17,90), Satori (link)

This HUB accepts: Road Vehicles and Medium Helicopters
Food and other transport offices are also on site

Grassy Lay-by – Italian Villa Road – Sundana (104,240,40)

Borgo Marinaro, Pompelmoo (218,131,21)
Medium Water Vessels.
Small Helicopters.

ROYAL Outpost #201-Port Churchill, Noether (172,250,24)
Small Aircraft.
Medium Water Vessels.
Medium Helicopters.

NOTAM: Rwy Alt:23m VICE must be OFF when approaching
Debbie’s Paradise AF HP RD – Southerland Dam Road, Cavanaugh (167,76,71) – link
Small Aircraft.
Large Helicopters.
Road Vehicles.

NOTAM: Rwy Alt: 107m

Brainiff-Unity Chamonix Rgl AP – Amundsen Road, Minarlo Vite (77,238,111)
Large Aircraft.
Large Helicopters.
Road Vehicles.

NOTAM: N-S Rwy Alt: 111m

Unity Sansara Adventure, Mooaleo (82,104,27) Sansara
Small Aircraft.
Medium Water Vessels.
Large Helicopters.
Medium Seaplanes.

NOTAM: Rwy Alt: 26m

With the possibility that the New Year’s heist of Feral Robotics documents was an inside job, Feral Marine has hired private detectives to track down the papers. No comment was available from Feral, but one crackpot at Feral Grounds Coffee told us what she knew.

“Ya can’t blame Feral. HPD couldn’t find their ——- in their own zipper, and the Sheriff’s is so busy playing with their toys they can’t see the street. Only a private dick knows the score.”