When WBA President Sketch Sun made a trip to Shijima (link) for a coffeeshop meeting, he left more than just a tip.

“Sometimes you go somewhere thinking ‘yeah, another diner meet and greet’, but you get there and it’s just wow, wow, wow,” he told us. “I was so amazed by the town and the beautiful work that had gone into it that I called Waterbank News and then I called Will over at NTBI. He loves this kind of place too.”

The effusive leader of the Waterbank Business Association went on to tell us that the architect of the town, Torigara, runs a business called “::no13::,” and that Shijima is their main shop, complete with items for sale or gacha.

“You should try the curry omelette with katsu and coffee set,” Sun told us, “you won’t regret it!”


WPD got a dose of karma after an officer harassed a biker bar (link) for “distracting light displays.”

According to one motorclub member the officer told the owner of the bar they needed to take down their Christmas display immediately so drivers would not be distracted. An argument between patrons and the officer broke out, and the officer threatened if he saw the display on the way back there would be fines.

“We don’t like rude people,” said the member, “and we all love Santa.”

The officer stopped at a well known road stop (link) down the road and used a restroom, only to find their car had been taken.

“It was just gone,” said the officer, “and there was no one who saw anything.”

The officer using a NBS payphone to call headquarters

“Yeah, karma can be a real ex-wife,” said the MC member.

The armored car service SetGol was seen delivering something to ERIA last week, and airport personnel are still talking about it.

“We never get deliveries like that,” said one baggage handler. “Unless there’s something really big. I think it’s like some super-secret weapon design from Feral.”

“He always thinks that,” said his coworker. “It’s probably just some big diamond.”

“Why don’t you get me some big diamond,” the woman next to the coworker said. “We’ve been going out for fifteen years and the last thing you got me was a soda!”

Rumors that Markstein is making a spy watch that can shoot, tell the altitude, and locate the nearest GFS fuel station has doubled Stock value overnight. The company has been quiet about their projects, though a trader at Hakuso insists it’s all true.

“The guy I know had a lot of drinks. There’s no way he’d make something up after that.”

Markstein can be found in Prototype (link at right – Big Seven).

Waterbank News went on a ride along in the East River with the Sheriff’s Department and our first stop was coffee at the local favorite, the Claw Cafe in Clawfoote (link).

“Yeah, a lot people are angry that people are so cozy with the Claw here on the Upper East [River],” said the Deputy and captain of our ride, “but there’s no proof of anything criminal here but the prices.”

“We came out here twice on raids authorized by East River Port Authority and found nothing. They even helped us look around and gave us free sandwiches. It’s pretty hard not to love this place. Their menu items are pretty amazing and they serve Tunisian Moon Coffee.”

While we ate, we talked about life on the river and the boat we were using, a MLB from Feral Marine (link).

“This boat’s seen some things,” they told us. “Rescues, catnip deals gone bad, and even some races with ERPA too. She won, by the way.”

We asked about what the latest issues on the East River and the Deputy almost dropped her sandwich. “Catnip smugglers! Those sons of sandy areas are too scared to move it directly and have been floating their contraband down the river. There’s so many getting strung out that the ER Council’s talking about opening a Cat-a-torium.”

Later that day we saw the crates in question

After our breakfast we got back on board and patrolled for five hours. It was a long shift, and we asked about the New Year’s Heist.

“Well, we know that several of them were eaten by the Beasts,” the Deputy told us, “but the rest are still out there. I’ve heard they may bring in bounty hunters to track them down.”

Asked about the Beast, the Deputy looked nervously around. “Yeah, they’re out there. Scientists think that they only feed every month or so and that’s why they’re so hard to find.”

As our day finished we asked if there was anything they wanted to say to our readers.

“Oh, yeah. Be safe on the water, Stay clear of catnip, and try the cafe. You may feel differently about the Claw after that.”